Day 1: In Which We Climb Out of Yosemite Valley Almost to Half Dome Trail

June 29, 2013/by squish

Day 2: In Which We Meet Up with Chris and Camp Above Echo Creek Trail

June 30, 2013/by squish

Day 3: In Which We Hike Back to Civilization and Squish Gets Angry at Tuolumne Meadows

July 1, 2013/by squish

Day 4: In Which We Get Pelted with Hail and Fall in Love with Tenkara

July 2, 2013/by squish

Day 5: In Which We Climb Our First Two Passes and Almost Ford a Creek

July 3, 2013/by squish

Day 6: In Which Rainbow Trout Jump Out of the Water, Into Our Fire, and Down Our Throats, Narrowly Avoiding Coyotes

July 4, 2013/by squish

Day 7: In Which We Get Back to Town and Eat Too Many Sweet Potato Fries

July 5, 2013/by squish

Day 8: In Which We Say Goodbye to Chris and Erin, Float Rocks and Break Zippers

July 6, 2013/by squish

Day 9: In Which We Hiked and Fished, But Caught All the Fish at the Wrong Lake

July 7, 2013/by squish

Day 10: In Which We Decided that Juniper Trees are Awesome, But Learned Not to Hug Them

July 8, 2013/by squish

Day 11: In Which We Climbed Selden Pass But I Couldn’t Quite Wish Heather a Happy Anniversary

July 9, 2013/by squish

Day 12: In Which We Load a Ridiculous Amount of Food Into Our Packs and Still Manage to Walk

July 10, 2013/by squish

Day 13: In Which We Finally Ford a Creek, Climb Into Evolution Valley, and Can’t Find a Campsite at Sapphire Lake

July 11, 2013/by squish

Day 14: In Which We Decide Muir Pass is Really Cool and the Deer Will Lie Down with the Green One

July 12, 2013/by squish

Day 15: In Which We Climb the Golden Staircase But Don’t Find the Hidden Pot of Rainbow Trout

July 13, 2013/by squish

Day 16: In Which We Climb Two High Passes and Learn It’s Dumb to Climb Two High Passes in One Day

July 14, 2013/by squish

Day 17: In Which Hamburgers, Fries, and Root Beer Begin to Dominate All My Thoughts

July 15, 2013/by squish

Day 18: In Which We Appreciate that 13,153 Foot Forrester Pass Is Really High and Continue to Ogle at Trailwork

July 16, 2013/by squish

Day 19: In Which We Finally Figure Out Which Mountain Is Mt. Whitney And Learn to Properly Appreciate Shade

July 17, 2013/by squish

Day 20: In Which We Summit Mt. Whitney, Complete the JMT, Suffer Through a 6,000 Foot Decent and Finally Get a Hamburger

July 18, 2013/by squish

Coming Home

July 19, 2013/by squish